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Our intuitive new method saves you hundreds of hours learning when you see every note, chord, and scale instantly on your own fretboard.

The Brenna Method is the fastest and easiest way to learn guitar.

Book a guitar lesson today at our Boulder guitar studio or live online via Skype.

Break Through the Obstacles

and be the musician you always wanted to be.

“My Friends have noticed that I’ve gotten a lot better, much quicker, with the Brenna Method.”

All Levels

from kids & beginners to professional musicians

The Brenna Method is incredibly versatile, with specialized fretboards and courses of study for players of all ages, levels and interests. No matter how proficient you are, from beginning to advanced, we have the tools you need to take the next steps!

Learn more about How It Works.

Private & Group Lessons

Private guitar lessons are customized by Joseph to your goals, level and learning style.

Group guitar lessons save you money and introduce you to other players at your level so you meet people to jam and practice with. Group lessons are limited to three students so you still get plenty of personal attention.

group guitar lesson at Brenna Method Guitar Studio
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Live Online Private Lessons

learn from a master without leaving home

Wherever you live you can learn guitar with world class guitarist and teacher Joseph Brenna, creator of the Brenna Method, in the comfort and convenience of your home.

What You’ll Need
• high speed internet connection
• webcam & microphone (included on most laptops)
• Skype, Facetime, or other video chat service
• Dropbox (free) for video and file sharing

Guitar Lessons in Boulder

Joseph Brenna Guitar Lessons in BoulderWhile helping hundreds of guitarists to get unstuck and reach their creative potential, master guitarist and teacher Joseph Brenna invented a powerful new way to learn guitar that’s more intuitive, more flexible, and more fun.

Because we’re headquartered in Boulder, students in the Boulder area have the unique opportunity to learn guitar in person with Joseph.

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