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Dondiego’s Rose - mp3

by Joseph Brenna | Inventing Time

Studying with Joseph has expanded the entire world of the guitar for me and illuminated possibilities that I thought were light-years away. Joseph has a wealth of information to share, and he shares it generously.”

Jon Sousa

Joseph Brenna

Joseph is a critically acclaimed composer, songwriter, recording artist, and teacher who’s equally at ease playing acoustic and electric guitars with jazz, funk, blues, R & B, rock, and folk musicians.

As thrilled as he is to see his students succeed, that’s how determined he is to remove the barriers that caused other aspiring players to almost give up.

Having trained at Brown University and Berklee College of Music and lived the life of a touring musician, Joseph’s settled in that fertile land of invention known as Boulder, Colorado. He has been a Naropa University guitar faculty member since 2000.

In Boulder, he’s seen the power of people coming together to experience and improve new creative tools and methods (and then maybe sharing a bite of something crunchy). His goal is to develop a nationwide and ultimately worldwide community of Brenna Method users that includes musicians at all levels who you can learn from and learn with.

“Brenna’s power on the guitar is almost overwhelming … combining lightning quick runs and fills with powerful rhythms, delicate melodies, and sensitive playing.”

Lexington News-Gazette

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