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“One look, and boom! I know what notes and chords I’m playing. Amazing.”

“I hear and understand music differently now and I’m taking it to another level.”

“Brenna Method Fretboard labels are a really well thought out product.”

“I can play licks everywhere on my fretboard just by glancing at my guitar.”

“Joseph has been, hands down, my favorite guitar teacher of all time. He has a gentle way about him but he will light a fire under you to improve, all the while shining a light on your strengths. He’s incredibly organized and has focused my practice so I am really achieving what I want. Pretty much, in my mind, the perfect teacher. ”

Liza Oxnard Aratow

“I have been a student of the guitar for 30 years and I can’t believe no one explained it to me like this. I have never in all my years of playing, including my University studies, had a teacher of Joseph’s caliber.”

Chris Mclean

“Joseph is an exceptional teacher of children.

My son Steven, 8 years old, had the golden opportunity to study guitar with Joseph during the year we lived in Boulder. Joseph taught Steven a variety of music, and he was always excited to show me what was ‘new’ for this week. He learned rhythms, chords, classical music, pop, and he learned them well. He is a joy to listen to.”

Brenda Weiner

“I have taken lessons from many guitar teachers, a couple famous players, and Joseph is by far the best guitar teacher I have ever had. He is very passionate about teaching, and is genuinely interested in my development as a musician. He is also a great player and writer, so his lessons basically have no limits. He can help with any aspect of playing, writing, and performing music.”

Satyen Thaker

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Make the leap into a more creative and confident musical life.

“Studying with Joseph has expanded the entire world of the guitar for me and illuminated possibilities that I thought were light-years away. Joseph has a wealth of information to share, and he shares it generously.”

Jon Sousa

“As my guitar teacher, Joseph prepared me to follow my dream to attend the California Institute of the Arts, where I received my B.F.A. in the performer/composer program. The knowledge and skill I gained from working with Joseph not only helped me apply successfully to CalArts, but also gave me tools I use to this day as a professional musician and teacher. ”

David Goodheim

“Joseph is a terrific musician, and playing with him during lessons is a great opportunity. He has treated me individually, finding styles of music and teaching techniques to fit my interests and needs and keeping me on track to become a better musician

Most of all, Joseph plays because he loves to. This is what keeps me motivated and working hard, and this is why my lessons are a high point of each week.”

Ethan Cramer

Brenna Method Guitar Studio

720-564-1767 • 2027 Broadway, Boulder, CO

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