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The Brenna Method is a groundbreaking way to learn that radically accelerates your progress by making it easy to understand music, and your guitar’s fretboard, while you learn songs.

Twelve unique icons indicate the twelve notes in music everywhere they appear on your fretboard and keyboard, and identically in sheet music, tablature, and fretboard diagrams.

And the colors, shapes, and symbols that make up icons show how notes are related as intervals, chords, and scales.

While conventional fretboards conceal the identity of notes, you learn faster and understand more with the Brenna Method by simply seeing the identity of every note on your fretboard and in song charts.

Brenna Method Icons

“When I learn a lick with the Brenna Method I’m not stuck playing it in one place. By glancing at my guitar I can move it anywhere I want on the fretboard.”

Don Goulart

Learning Songs

Learning songs is faster, easier, and more fun with the Brenna Method. The same icons that appear on your fretboard also appear in guitar tablature and chord frames, so it’s easy to identify every note and riff in songs, and find and play them everywhere on your fretboard.

Fretboard Labels

Custom made fretboard labels fit your instrument perfectly. They feel natural and are durable, washable, & totally removable. Choose our Junior, Intermediate, or Advanced Fretboards, or custom order labels for instruments in any tuning, & displaying any group of notes, including scales and chords that you choose.


Price: $49.95 first set, $39.95 each additional set at time of order.  Guaranteed for 6 months.

Instruments and Learning Levels




Notes, chords, and scales become instantly visible when you apply removable, custom-fitted Brenna Method fretboard labels to your guitar, bass, ukulele, or keyboard Just like that, you’re connecting sight and sound.

Intermediate and Junior fretboards display notes in the key of C. The Junior fretboard uses simplified icons for children. Advanced fretboards show every note, chord, and scale.

Intermediate & Advanced Fretboards

For teen and adult students, the Intermediate Fretboard show icons for notes in the key of C (the piano’s white notes) and makes the patterns that are the basis of note names and scales visible on every string. The Advanced Fretboard shows icons for every note on the fretboard and shows every interval, chord, and scale.

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